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Sound banks not loading when updating game through Steam - using UE4. Verify integrity on game files is only solution.

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I'll get straight to it: we have a large-scale project in development about to go Alpha at the end of the month. It seems that every time we push an update out on Steam, members of our team as well as a large portion of our Pre-Alpha testers can't hear some of the Wwise sounds we have programmed in. Sometimes it's our gunfire audio, sometimes it's dialogue, sometimes it's ambient. It's very inconsistent and the only solution to getting those sounds back is by having players verify the integrity of their game files through Steam. We're using UE4 version 4.15 and any sounds we have integrated natively through USound work perfectly fine.

Our programmer handling our Wwise sound integration thinks this is related to formatting and game caching.

Has this problem been addressed before? We roll out updates almost weekly so it's been causing quite a lot of frustration.

I appreciate any help we can get on this. Thank you!
asked Apr 13, 2017 in General Discussion by Rob L. (110 points)

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