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best way to integrate music

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Hello there. Me and my partner are dealing with integrating and composing interactive music for a video game. The mechanics are easy. You walk through an island until you found a puzzle. This puzzle has various levels, when you complete the puzzle, another island appears and you can move forward to the next island, where you will find another puzzle that shows you another island, and thus up to a total of 12 islands.

Our question goes here, how should we integrate the music so we could have a different exploration music for each island, and a different puzzle music for each island. Should we make a different event for the different music islands? Such as island1_explore, island1_puzzle;island2_explore, island2_puzzle...

Thank you in advance guys.
asked May 1, 2017 in General Discussion by Guillermo L. (110 points)

1 Answer

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well i'm still doing my lessons here but as a gamer, it s something i have encounter a few times and i remember that, in terms of sound in Explorations, some games use some form of invisible frontier lines, something like, passing this point, this will launch the music of the next area, but what i recommend if you want to use this, is to use fading for your music, going from a zone to another. So as a student, here i'll say ,  on the programming first establish the virtual frontiers between the islands , and by crossing it , i think it is an event , but i haven't encounter this lesson about music in games, so i'm only guessing .
answered May 8, 2017 by User 73565 (140 points)