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Wwise doesn't work with Unity Collab

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I have a Unity project using Collab for version control. Collab isn't picking up the Wwise project folder since it's not under Assets or ProjectSettings. Ideally, this would be under the Unity Assets or ProjectSettings folder so that it would get picked up into the same repo. The second best solution is to have it completely in a separate location with completely separate version control--not ideal, but still better than having it in the root project directory where it gets WIPED by Collab if I force a refresh to any particular checkin point in version control history.

Any recommendations?
asked May 23, 2017 in General Discussion by Brad B. (120 points)
anyone? <crickets...>
This is an important question and troubling that I can find no official solution to it.

1 Answer

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I have the same issue. Why is there so many threads on this and WWise does not seem to have engaged with it!
I found this but i am still having some issues. regardless this is a good place to start
answered Sep 8 by adam b. (230 points)