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Support custom folder for Authoring plugins DLLs

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The integration of new Wwise version are getting painful because of the third party plugins being in the same folder than Wwise executable. Audiokinetic could correct this problem by allowing user to put Authoring DLLs in a custom location.

In the project settings we should be able to select a custom path for Authoring DLLs, and you should allow to override that in the user setting level.

Without this we have to manually copy DLL for third parties in the folder Authoring/x64/Release/bin. When doing a integration in perforce of a new Wwise release, we have to be careful not to remove the third party DLL, adding DLL custom search path would fix the issue and allow us not to copy 3rd parties DLL. Having the custom path in the project settings would allow to share the settings across a team (DLL should be at the relative location for different project members).


Thank you
asked Jun 12, 2017 in Feature Requests by Stéphane B. (200 points)

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