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What does 'Sound could not find a path to an output device, will use virtual voice setting' mean?

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My team accidentally updated the Wwise-Unity integration from 2016.2.4 to 2017.1.0.6 mid-project and now there is a problem where no sound is produced.

I have updated to the appropriate Wwise project version number and built banks to the GeneratedSoundBanks folder in both the appropriate Wwise and Unity GeneratedSoundBanks folder, but still no sound. In the profiling session it detects that the events are sending correctly, (but no green audio bar). I receive this notification every time an event is triggered - "Sound could not find a path to an output device, will use virtual voice setting." Do you know what this means? The sound plays fine within Wwise otherwise when not connected to Unity. Also every once in awhile I'll receive the error of "Voice Starvation" in Unity and it will mention it in Wwise as well.


Thanks for any clue or help on this issue. It is pressing, time sensitive issue.
asked Jul 24, 2017 in General Discussion by Aaron I. (220 points)
retagged Jul 24, 2017 by Aaron I.
Hi, exactly same issue here. I have no idea what could be causing this.
Hey Sebastien, it looks like Daniel may have an answer for you below. I hope that works. If not, I got sound working by uninstalling the 2017.1 Integration by deleting the Wwise folder in the Assets folder in Unity as the Integration instructions say to do. I then re-installed integration 2017.1 with the Wwise Launcher. The sound is now audible without the error, but now I have a problem where music cuts out during a scene change, and will start playing again only when the loop point is reached (no error notifications in Wwise profiler or Unity console). I had to revert back to 2016.2.4 (using the same uninstall/re-install method I mentioned) and now it works fine.

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I recently upgraded and noticed for every AkAudioListener you also now need an AkGameObject by default (or else no sound). Add an AkGameObject component and make sure the Is Default Listener flag is checked and you should be good to go.
answered Jul 25, 2017 by Daniel H. (200 points)
Thanks! I ended up uninstalling integration (deleting the Wwise folder in the Assets folder in Unity) and reinstalling the integration 2017.1 via the Wwise Launcher, and I think it must have automatically done what you described when I re-installed. The sound works, but now the music cuts out every time I change scenes in Unity (it should be playing through the scene change). It will come back in when it reaches the looping point and plays again... I ended up reverting back to Integration 2016.2.4 by uninstalling/re-installing because of this weird behavior. Now it works as intended in the old integration.
Hi Daniel, hi Aaron,

This worked fin for me too. I don't understand why a listener doesn't update itself as it does before, nor why it's not using a RequireComponent attribute or something similar, but it clearly fixes the issue.

Thanks a lot :)