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Help: Can't Replace Limbo SFX without Error. Trying hard to learn this stuff

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I'm trying to learn Wwise and would really appreciate any help. I just want to replace some of the SFX in Limbo with my own and experiment and watch tutorials. However I cant replace my own SFX and generate a soundbank without getting fatal errors (and my sounds do not play in the game when I run it). 

I believe the main error is "custom post-generation executable returned error id 1" which points to a file called "CopyStreamedFiles.exe". I didn't find much info on that specific error (googling or on the wwise forums), but I did find a little about that exe file. According to this Game Audio Programming book, this file is used for when SFX files are not included in the SoundBank. This might help explain why the SoundBank generation log says "0 files copied", and also why all the sound files are highlighted red in the hierarchy (and won't play when I press the preview button). 

I watched this guys Wwise/Limbo tutorial and followed everything exactly, but he didnt get a fatal error. He also is able to preview/play the audio files when he unchecks the "Original" button, but this did not work for me (none of the audio files would ever preview). I was able to follow everything else in his tutorial, including connecting to the Limbo game itself and seeing the Wwise project operate in real time (using the Profiler view). So I know it is connected. I just cant seem to edit it and Generate a soundbank.

In the screenshot below I show the jump SFX that I replaced with my own jump (grunt) sound. I also posted the Soundbank Generation log errors. The guy in the Wwise/Limbo tutorial got errors as well (many of the same ones, though its hard to tell because of the low quality video), but I don't believe he got a "fatal" error.

Any advice or help would really help me ! Thanks





asked Aug 6, 2017 in General Discussion by Grayson K. (170 points)

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