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Unity - Calling events from code & expected design process

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Hey there. After spending a while with the Unity integration, I'm noticing a re-ocuring pattern. It seems to be designed that every object that we want to emit sound on needs to be configured beforehand in the unity editor with an AKGameObj setup. For example, if I simply post an event to an object at runtime via code, there's no way that isStaticObject will be set to true on that object, so even stationary objects will be running a whole boatload of Update() calls.

There are several other small examples where a front-heavy design process where every possible object that could emit sound is set-up beforehand is prefered. My question is - is this a false read on my part? What is the expected design pipeline? Is there a document that I haven't read? More importantly, is there an expected setup whereas designers like myself can simply post an event on an object without needing to do setup first?

Many thanks!
asked Aug 9, 2017 in General Discussion by John W. (100 points)

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