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Unreal Obstruction / Occlusion only seem to be 100% on or 100% off?

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Essentially the topic.

I'm using Wwise 2017.1.0, and Unreal Engine 4.15.0. When running my sandbox area, if an emitter gets occluded by, say, a small box in between the emitter and the camera, the voice drops to nearly -inf, and the voice LPF reads 96%-ish . profiler. How can I get Unreal to send the proper occlusion/obstruction values to Wwise for proper playback?
asked Aug 22, 2017 in General Discussion by Chris P. (350 points)
Did you figure this out Chris? I swear occlusion worked through wiise settings with Unreal in the recent past, but yeah it seems to just be On or Off without the ability to tailor how much sound is occluded and how. :(

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Same here running Wwise 2017.1.1.6340 and Unreal 4.16. I presumed the Ob/Oc settings in Wwise would affect the way Unreal deals with it but it has no affect. It seems Unreal uses it's own settings and that is pretty much 'On/Off'. You could start getting into custom ray-tracing in Unreal but I'm not up for that, I want the Wwise integration to handle it for me.
answered Sep 17, 2017 by Danny Q. (230 points)
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Hi, you might want to change some curves in the "Obstruction/Occlusion" settings in your Wwise' project settings.

answered Sep 20, 2017 by Jefferson J. (210 points)