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Manual Integration of offline integration files from WWise Launcher into Unity

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Hi all,

I am currently using a multiple user Mac machine at University in which the WWise launcher is not acting correctly, it won't detect WWise install (even though it is) and or Unity projects because "not admin user" I suspect, and it is a remote account user setup. I used to manually Integrate the integration package in Unity for WWise pre 2017 be going into Unity / Import custom package and importing the .asset file for integration for WWise and easily integrated. This is not the case now owing to the Launcher issues I'm having.

I have found you can download the latest integration packages from the WWise Launcher without being online, however I just get weird zipped files, not an importable asset package for Unity like before. I have unzipped these files and get multiple folders and files? No actual .asset file ready for unity to import like pre 2017

How do I manually import this asset package as they are just strange files to me. I cannot use the merge technique of the WWise Launcher as this is not possible on my systems.

Really stuck as you cannot go the WWise website and just download the Unity ready integration singular file like before for the new WWise.

Any help appreciated

Many thanks in advance

asked Nov 3, 2017 in General Discussion by richard h. (110 points)

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