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What modifications need to be made to the unity FPC script to allow unity to play footsteps via wwise integration?

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I have been working in this for weeks to no avail.

  • I have footsteps in wwise audio tab(random sequence containers under a switch container)
  • Have created an footsteps event that plays successfully when the space bar is pressed
  • Saved the event in the sound bank successfully 
  • Attached the event to a music player object in unity and set to start
  • Attached the footstep switch to a box collider in game
When the game starts here is what happens 
  • I hear the footsteps when the player drops (awake)
  • I can enter the box collider and hear one footstep in enter and one upon leaving the collider 
  • I do not hear footsteps is succession wen moving about within the collider 
Hoping to correct this I made changes to the unity footstep script on FPC 
  • Commenting out all references to unity audio sources and adding a call to the wwise footstep event
  • This created no change 
This is driving me crazy and I cannot find the answer to this problem anywhere on reddit, unity or wwise websites 
Am I missing some critical component
Please understand that I am a composer not a programmer but willing to dive in to anything to fix this problem
Also, the wwise demo scene footsteps work properly 
I tried moving the FPC from that scene into my scene and it would not work 
I am on the 2017 versions of wwise and unity 
All other audio / Music implementations work properly 
Thanks for any assistance and please let me know what other information you might need to solve the problem 
Thanking in advance
Tom Davis 
asked Nov 8, 2017 in General Discussion by Tom D. (120 points)

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