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How can I check out the init bank from the command line as a Pre Generation step?

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On the Pre-Generation/Post-Generation Step Editor page, the 3rd sentence says 

For example, you can create a pre-generation step command line that checks out specific files from your source control system...

I'm trying to figure out exactly how to do just that with the init bank, since the init bank does not appear in the Wwise GUI, so there is no way to check it out from Perforce via the Wwise GUI, and I'd rather just have it automatically check out the Init bank during the Pre-Generation step so I don't have to switch back over to P4. 
Looking at the Using the Command Line page, I see no such commands for operating any Source Control functionality. Does this mean I need to just use Perforce commands in the Commands text box within the Global opening step of the Pre-Generation Step, found in the SoundBanks tab of the Project Settings? Or, do I need to specify something like

WwiseCLI.exe project.wproj -someOperation -CustomPreGenCmd "p4 edit init.bnk init.txt"


Full disclosure, not a programmer, trying to figure this out for my sound design team. Thanks! 

Wwise v2017.1.2 (64-bit)
Intel Core i7-5930K @ 3.50 GHz
Windows 10

asked Jan 25, 2018 in General Discussion by Mike P. (150 points)
Trying to do the same thing. Did you got any response from AudioKinetic Team? Regards, F

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