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AKMotion on Switch

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We're using AKMotion running on Nintendo Switch. It works fine with using the Joy-Cons externally, but can't seem to get it working in handheld mode. The documentation mention what to send into MotionEngine::AddPlayerMotionDevice on most other devices, but not the Switch and my experimentation on what to send in there has been in vain. Any ideas?
asked Feb 28, 2018 in General Discussion by Jens A. (160 points)

1 Answer

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I wanted to bump this questions as I am running into the same issue currently. I am setting up Wwise Motion on the Switch console. The joycons will vibrate as expected when separated from the tablet but cease to work when connected to the tablet. Nothing seems to change in the profiler while connecting/disconnecting the joycons and Wwise still seems to be sending signal to the Wwise Motion bus either way. Anyone else come across a solution for this? Running Wwise 2019.2.5.
answered Feb 16 by Chris L. (180 points)
I can't remember precisely, but I think my issues was resolved after a Wwise update. But that was an older version than your 2019 one.