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Do Reflect and Portals work correctly when emitter and listener are in different rooms?

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I am using UnrealEngine4 Wwise integration.  v 6524.


Reflect appears to calculate reflections only for emitters that are in the same room as the listener.

This creates a discontinuity when the listener crosses a portal boundary into/out of a room containing the emitter.  It creates significant audible artifacts.

Is there a way to mitigate this? (e.g. blend/fader in Reflection sounds, or better, calculate reflections everywhere)?
asked Mar 9 in General Discussion by Peter A. (110 points)

1 Answer

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Reflect does not calculate reflections based on Rooms and Portals, it instead looks for Surface Reflectors. Both systems don't interact with each other geometrically speaking. If a surface reflector blocks the opening of your portal, you won't get reflections when the listener is on the other side of said portal. I am assuming here that your room and surface reflector volume is the same. I suggest you separate them and have an opening in your surface reflector volume at the portal's position.
answered Mar 13 by Thalie K. (140 points)