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Why is my blend container not working / crashing Wwise 100% of the time?

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Hey there, thanks for reading this :)


My blend container is set up as follows:

  • Actor-Mixer
    • Blend Container
      • SFX object 1
      • SFX object 2

Each SFX object is set to Loop Indefinitely. I want these two loops to play on top of each other. 

The blend container has 1 blend track with Crossfade disabled, no RTPCs necessary. 
Each SFX object has been added to the 1 blend track in the content editor (no empty blend tracks).

The problem:

When I press the play button in the Wwise editor, the application crashes. A Windows OS window pops up saying that the "Wwise Application has stopped working", and I have the options of closing the program or debugging the program. 

I'm using Wwise 2016.2.4 (64-bit) because that is the version that is integrated in the game engine. My machine is using Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.15063). 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is a very simple use case and I'm flabbergasted that this is a problem. 

Things I've tried:

Interestingly, if I remove any one of the SFX objects so that the blend container only has 1 child object, it auditions fine. The addition of a second child object added to the blend track crashes the app. 

I've also tried putting each SFX object on their own separate blend tracks hoping that would help, and unfortunately it doesn't, it still crashes. 

Restarting the machine has not helped. 
Swapping out the SFX files for different loops has not helped. 
This doesn't happen with any other kind of container. 

Let me know if there are any logs that I can send or attach to this, this is a huge blocker for me!! :( 

asked Apr 5, 2018 in General Discussion by Mike P. (150 points)

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