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Soundbank folder confusion with Unity

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Hi everyone!

I'm attempting to integrate Wwise into my Unity project and have been having some issues. I've saved my Wwise project into the folder of my game imported my Wwise project into Unity via the integration tool in the Wwise launcher, and have not messed with any of the default locations. All of my banks and events and stuff from Wwise appear in the game as they normally should, but I keep getting this warning:

The platform SoundBank subfolder within the Wwise project could not be found.

However, in my finder I do have a subfolder for each platform (iOS and Android) in the GeneratedSoundBanks folder where they should be. I get this warning when I am working on both platforms. I also tried creating a new blank unity project and blank Wwise project and still got the same error. I also tried generating my Soundbanks directly into Unity's StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedSoundBanks folder to no avail.

I am running the most recent version of both Wwise and Unity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
asked Jul 4, 2018 in General Discussion by Molly M. (110 points)

3 Answers

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I have the same problem right now. Have you solved this problem? Remember the cause and the manipulation?
Theophile Demarcq
answered May 28, 2019 by Théophile Demarcq (460 points)
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Have you double-checked your soundbank location path in Wwise Settings of Unity?
answered Jun 4, 2019 by Beatrix Moersch (2,820 points)
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Are you using Mac? If so, make sure that your Wwise project has the Mac platform added and generating the soundbanks for it as well. It happened to me, just had to go to "Project - Platform Manager - Add Mac". Then close and open again Wwise and Unity and solved.
answered Jul 28, 2019 by Ruben R. (240 points)