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No Audio on X1 UE4.18 Media player movies.

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On UE 4.18 we have a requirement to play MediaPlayer movies, and are using Wwise, these play with audio on PS4 and PC, however on Xbox One we have no audio.

Not sure how relevant this may be but on PC we have WindowsEngine.ini with AudioDeviceModuleName=XAudio2, on PS4 we have AudioDeviceModuleName=Ngs2, for X1 wwise requires audio device to be blank for X1 (as here

 - Is anyone able to advise how we could enable audio on our X1 UE4.18 Mediaplayer movies when using Wwise?
 - can anyone point at relevant UE4.18 Mediaplayer samples with wwise?

many thanks in advance,
asked Jul 16, 2018 in General Discussion by Neil O. (100 points)

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