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How do I register a DLL plugin (Oculus Spatializer) in Wwise Unreal build?

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I am trying to use the Oculus Spatializer Plugin in Wwise 2017.1.9.6501 in UE 4.18.3 on Windows 10 x64. I built the project as a game plugin using the Wwise Launcher, and followed Oculus' instructions in copying their dll and xml file to the correct (2) locations. Those locations are: 

  1. Audiokinetic\Wwise{version}\Authoring\x64\release\bins\plugins
  2. UE4\engine\Binaries\Win64.

 The plugin works flawlessly in the editor and PIE. When I build the game and run the profiler I get "plug-in not registered: Oculus Spatializer." How can I fix this issue? I found this page (, and the second part of the "Problem: My plug-in works in Wwise but not in my game" looks like I may be heading in the right direction. I am not sure how to add that code, and where do I add that? OR, where exactly does the "make sure your effect DLL is copied in the same folder as the executable" statement refer to? What executable?

I posted to the Oculus forums, and the guys there gave me some valuable information, but haven't got back to me yet on the plugin registration issue. Here is my post:

They answer my confusion on if you can use this plugin in the vanilla version of UE (you can), if I need to implement the OculusSpatializer.h code in the AkAudioDevice.cpp (seems to be you don't need it), and if I need their PC SDK (you don't).

I found a section in one of your guys blog posts ( about Viktor Phoenix having an issue registering the OSP, and a colleague of his fixed it. Could anyone reach out to him to ask what that might of been?

       "I'm pretty experienced with scripting, but I'm not a programmer. When I initially integrated Wwise into Unreal Engine manually, I hit a stumbling block getting the Oculus spatializer registered, but I was lucky that Giuseppe Mattiolo, an engineer from Technicolor's Research & Innovation team, was on site at MPC and able to help me out. Other than that, I was able to integrate Wwise on my own, something I didn’t think possible a few years ago. As the project progressed, I was even able to migrate to new versions of the SDK as they were released with the Wwise Launcher. I love having that ability - one more thing that can free up programmer time for other tasks."

I have a feeling that I need to place the DLL and XML files in an additional location, or edit the AkAudioDevice.cpp or the AkAudio.Build.cs to tell the game to find and load/register the plugin. 

Any assistance is incredibly valuable to me. I am compiling a list of how to correctly implement this (especially for a layman) and would love to make a video to assist anyone else trying to do this. 

Here is Oculus' documentation on the Wwise OSP plugin for anyone unaware but curious:

Thank you,

Tyler Hoffman

asked Sep 27, 2018 in General Discussion by Tyler H. (110 points)
edited Oct 3, 2018 by Tyler H.

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