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Position Editor: Problem with 3D Automation Path Transitions in Wwise 2018

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First of all: Thumbs up for being able to apply automation paths to 3D Emitters. This is great !

The problem is when setting 'Random Range' to anything else than "0". This breaks 'Transition time', and the sound jumps.

I assume, automation paths try to transition between one another before 'Random Range' is applied to the Start Key of the Next Path. The transition itself sounds actually smooth, just doesn't aim for the correct 3D location. Sure enough, as soon as the transition is over, Random Range kicks in, and the sound jumps to a random 3D location, which sounds broken. 'Transition time' otherwise works perfectly fine - just not in combination with 'Random Range'. Is this fixable?

In any case, thanks for the new features in Wwise 2018!


asked Oct 2, 2018 in General Discussion by Christian S. (400 points)
Actually the problem happens not only on transitions between paths, but I believe also between each key within a path.

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