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Getting clicks in editor

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Hi All


I'm getting clicks anf glitches when running in the editor. I'm using this to record audio for a specific purpose so it's a bit of an issue. I havent tried with builds or in unity etc as dont need to right now.

Are there any settings that will prevent this ? Streaming for example? I've noticed that a lot of the time they seem to coincide with the fade / delay indicator going out in the transport. I'm basically starting a Play_All event and it runs, so not attached to any events or triggers when running.
asked Oct 22, 2018 in General Discussion by damon i. (890 points)

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Hi Damon

Do you have a very large number of voices running? Are you using a lot of CPU?
Do you have a lot of quick crossfades going on somewhere? Eg. in a blend container?
Have you checked that any loops you may have loop correctly?
Does it happen only when you're recording?

Kind Regards
answered Oct 22, 2018 by Tobias D. Nielsen (2,410 points)
Hi Tobias,

Thanks for quick reply.
-Nope.... only about 4 or 5 concurrent stereo files running at any one time.
-All fades are over 5 secs.
-All I have going is a combination of Random containers with a combination of delay or crossfade.
-No loops,all files play only once and segue into next random pick and all audio has clean faded starts & ends (Im more than okay dealing with audio side of things if that makes sense and understand need for clean audio)
-Audio is running of a fast USB 3 drive so no bottleneck issues.
- Happens on playback aswell and record is not a function of wwise. Its external.

I'm pretty much out of ideas then. Does it only happen in this specific project? Have you tried just creating a blank project and putting in a piece of music and see if you get the same issues?