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Wwise .asset files being modified in source control with 0 lines actually being modified

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Hey folks,

Our lead dev has run into some weird behavior where almost every time he commits changes to Github, these files ( appear in the list of changes. He normally reverts them before committing. It only seems to be happening to him.

They're being listed as "modified" despite 0 line changes. Once he reverts them, they still get modified even without him opening the Unity project.

I'm curious as to why this might be happening, and also if anyone has some suggestions to prevent this.

Thank you!
asked Dec 5, 2018 in General Discussion by Chris E. (230 points)
I'd love an answer to this as well, having the same thing happening to my art lead.
We sadly never figured it out, even after multiple posts, a support ticket with AK, and chatting with a git consultant

I'm going to make a few more posts, and I'll update this if we find a solution... Also if you happen to find a solution please let me know =P
Hey considering you're having the same issue, would you mind giving some details about your project? The people I've talked to about this seem to think it's unrelated to Wwise, and is instead more of Git issue. Though it could also be caused by any number of plugins/addons.

We're using Unity and Git.
I think the only Unity addon we have is a visual scripting tool called "Bolt".
We're seeing something similar but if we go to diff the files (using TortoiseGit) it says the line endings have been changed.

Unity seems to create new .asset files with unix line endings by default, but (on Windows) they're getting changed to windows endings at some point.

We haven't yet figured out exactly what triggers the line ending change - and it seems to happen to some of our team and not others.

I've been trying to just get git to ignore line ending differences via the .gitattributes file, but some still seem to slip through..

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Definitely not a Git issue as we have the same issue using Perforce as our VCS.

Luckily in Perforce (I don't know much about Git) we have a "Revert unchanged files" command to get rid of them, but it still annoying to have to deal with it, especially for people who may not be as comfortable with the software (as they are not sure how to deal with these unexpected files in their changelists).

It is indeed a line ending difference and I have no clue why it is happening. We have other similar type of assets which which it doesn't happen, we are all on the same OS using the same VCS settings.

It looks more like a Unity quirk when saving these files but I don't know why it behaves differently with the ones to do with Wwise.
answered Jul 30, 2019 by Clement C. (140 points)
Yeah Git has a similar revert command which is what we've been using. Glad to hear it's not a problem exclusive to Git. Thanks for the input, unfortunately despite this post being 8 months old it's still an issue haha - will bring it up with the devs again and report back if we make any progress this time around =)
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answered Aug 6, 2019 by Dan M. (2,660 points)