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Wwise installation error - any solutions ?

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2019-01-03T08:40:38.341Z: Tracking: launcher/perf/install/time:227,download:1712017686,uncompressed:8626865396
2019-01-03T08:40:38.342Z: Max attempts reached. currentAttempt=15,maxAttempts=15,url=,error={"code":"ECONNRESET"}
2019-01-03T08:40:38.342Z: Tracking: launcher/download/currentAttempt=15,maxAttempts=15,url=,error={"code":"ECONNRESET"}
2019-01-03T08:40:38.342Z: End of Download (undefined), err=Error: After multiple attempts, the Wwise Launcher is still unable to connect to the server. If the server is down, it should return momentarily. Please, however, verify your Internet connection before retrying again., sha1=undefined, caller=req.error
2019-01-03T08:40:38.343Z: wwise.2018_1_4_6807: EndOperation='process_FilePackager.x64.tar.xz'
2019-01-03T08:41:43.377Z: app.on('activate')
2019-01-03T08:41:44.630Z: Tracking: launcher/openLog
asked Jan 3, 2019 in Feature Requests by Mete B. (100 points)

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