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New imported audio files not playing in-game with remote connection

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Familiarizing myself with Wwise via looking through the Adventure Game standalone and accompanying Wwise project. Using remote connection I can hear the live changes I'm making to basic parameters in-game, but when I import a new audio file into a new track within a working segment (e.g., into Music work unit/ Dungeon container/ Dungeon layers segment) although I can preview it and hear it within Wwise, when i reconnect via remote connection it doesn't play in-game (all other pre-existing tracks in the segment, however, still do).

Am I missing something very basic about previewing sounds within Wwise versus in-game through remote connection?

Sorry for newbie question, thanks for your help!
asked Jan 6 in General Discussion by Brandon R. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I don't think thats how it works. Remote connection is used to monitor your wwise content and performance in the game. Not for live auditioning of sounds during a remote connection. Anything you create/change in Wwise has to be added to the soundbank, and the soundbank needs to be generated before you will be able to hear it in the game. (Disclaimer: I no expert, so my explanation might be a bit off)
answered Jan 8 by Peter M. (240 points)