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Unreal 4.21.1; Audio Event Posts But won't Play/Show in Voices Graph. Anyone know Why?

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Issue in the title.

I have two Blueprint Actor classes with integrated AkComponents that are experiencing this issue: Post AkEvent and PostAssociatedAkEvent nodes will post an audio event, but are inaudible (if the sounds are actually playing at all, I cannot tell for sure), and does not even appear on the Voices Graph of the Wwise Profiler at runtime (the posted events only appears in the capture log). Meanwhile, just using a Post Event At Location node with any Ak Audio Events (Wwise Event 1 and Wwise Event 2 below, or any other Ak Audio Event for that matter) posts and the correct event and has clearly audible sound as expected.

I have three other Blueprint Actor classes with integrated AkComponents that inherit their AkComponent from the same parent (though they have a parent in the middle, see hierarchy below). These actors do not have any problem posting and playing audio with the component methods Post AkEvent and PostAssociatedAkEvent of their AkComponents.

Parent w/ AkComponent

  • Affected Actor 1 (Plays Wwise Event 1)
  • Affected Actor 2 (Plays Wwise Event 2)
  • Intermediary Child Class
    • Unaffected Actor 1 ((Plays Wwise Event 3)
    • Unaffected Actor 2 (Plays Wwise Event 4)
    • Unaffected Actor 3 (Plays Wwise Event 5)

What I have confirmed:

All SoundBanks are up to date and loaded.

The troublesome components are valid (not nullptr refs.)

The troublesome components are appropriately attached to the actor root and positioned appropriately in the world.Removing occlusion from the troublesome components had no effect.

Disabling spatial sound on the troublesome components has no effect on the audibility of the troublesome events.

The troublesome events post and are seen in the Capture Log while connected at runtime, but again, no sound is heard when using Post AkEvent and PostAssociatedAkEvent to post these events from the component, and they do not appear in the Voices Graph.

The actual events above(Wwise Event 1-5) are all very similar and all share a single Bus.

The events in Wwise all playback as expected from the Events tab of the Designer view. 


I am fairly new to Wwise have no clue what to make of this and have been working on this issue for several hours. I am using Unreal's latest source build (4.21.1) and Wwise 2018.1.4. Does anyone know what could be going on? Any insight into resolving and understanding this issue would be helpful. At least for now I can use Post Event at Location as a workaround, but I would rather understand what is happening and actually make use of the inherited AkComponents. 

asked Jan 10, 2019 in General Discussion by User60022 (130 points)

1 Answer

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I just had the same problem today. Your post helped me to find a workaround (Thanks!)


In your blueprint, if you insert a "Add Ak Component" before your first "Post Event", everything works without problem. Audio Events are properties of Ak Components, so you need one to be able to insert a Post Event:

By the other hand, Post Event at Location worked because it creates a "temporary Wwise Game Object with no corresponding Ak Component":

That is the only solution that I found for the moment. I hope it helps. 


answered Mar 30, 2019 by Saulo C. (170 points)
Absolute legend mate! Indeed it's pretty weird but that fixed my Blueprint bug! Thanks