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Why "Register my Project" ?

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I just finished a small independent game that will be released soon.

What is the benefit of registering?

Thank you for your answers

Theophile Demarcq
asked Jan 14, 2019 in General Discussion by Théophile Demarcq - Music & Sound Design (710 points)

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There are three good reasons to register your project.  First is to have it in our system, so that when it launches (especially if you tell us that it's out), we can put it on our 'Powered by Wwise' games page.  Second, is that if your release is a commercial one, it is required to register it, since the License Agreement is part of the registration.  Even for a free license (budget under $150K and under 500 sounds), if your game is commercial, you must have a License Agreement in place.  Third is that this is the only way for us to get you a formal license key.  So for an official Starter License (free), the license key will let you jump from 200 sound limit to 500 sound limit.  For a larger game, this is the only way to get access to other platforms, removing the sound limit, trying out premium plug-ins and more.  

If your game is non-commercial and under 200 sounds, then you technically do NOT need to register it (our registration flow will actually tell you this if you choose those options), but they as I mentioned there's no way to get it into the gallery.

Hope that explains things,

answered Jan 17, 2019 by Mike D. (Audiokinetic) (3,020 points)
selected Jan 18, 2019 by Théophile Demarcq - Music & Sound Design
Ok, great, thank you Mike D. for your answer.

The game is not out yet, but it should be released soon. I have already applied for a license in "Register my Project" but have not received anything yet. How long does it take? (The game will be sold $ 1 and there are less than 200 sounds)

What should I do next after obtaining this license?
Should it be included in the built or mentioned in credits?

Otherwise, I'm working on another project that is in its infancy. Currently, I do not know if this game will be marketed and what will be its budget (I do not think it will exceed $ 150K). So, can a saved project be modified at any time?

Thank you for your answers

Théophile Demarcq
Theophile - as you prepare your final build, check the crediting requirements here:  Basically, the text line in your credits is the minimum  that you should do, and if you can put the logo in the credits as well, that's great.  For splash screens, don't worry about it unless you have other technologies displayed (like Havok, Unity, etc.)

I'll get on approving the project asap (it's a manual process, so I try to get to them once a day or so).  

Definitely don't release your project to the public if the license key is included.  You can remove the license key from your project with a click, if you do intend to release that to the public.  

For your next project, you can continue to prototype it without registering, but once it becomes more 'real' (beyond early concept and into a real pre-production), then definitely register it as well.  It never hurts!
Thank you Mike,

We are updating the credit requirements in the game credits.
Is it mandatory to have a Wwise splashscreen ? for the moment there is the studio and Unity splashscreens ?

"Definitely do not release your project to the public if the license key is included."
---> This is just for the Wwise project, right? It has nothing to do with the built, though?
Correct - the build won't have any license key information included in it.  You're all good there.  

If you just have a Unity full-screen splash, then you can omit the Wwise one.
Thank you for everything