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【Unity平台】BGM采用流媒体播放 流媒体的打包方式导致音乐播不出来

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BGM采用流媒体播放 编安卓版本时 流媒体的打包方式导致音乐播不出来
遇到的这个问题是我让程序实现热更,程序要把bank文件和wem都copy到同一个路径下Asset\Content\Audio(默认的流媒体wem是存于StreamingAssets路径下)便于用unity的ab打包方式打包。wwise:2017.1.4,Unity 2017.4.16f1 (64-bit)
asked Feb 18 in Feature Requests by Xinhua Y. (100 points)
edited Feb 20 by Xinhua Y.

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answered Feb 24 by JunQiang Z. (180 points)