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Unreal - Play sound field ambiance on spatial audio rooms

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How is this functionality achieved in Unreal? (4.21 Wwise 2018)

I have some spatial rooms working well with an Ak portal connecting them. The reverbs and spot sounds work correctly and propagate  through the portals correctly.
When I try to Post an event on the spatial audio room, wwise creates a new game object with ".AkComponent" appended to the room name.
This results in my sound field ambience being played as a point source in the centre of the room!

Any documentation on how this feature is meant to work in Unreal?

asked Apr 2, 2019 in General Discussion by Simon G. (220 points)
Same question here with Unreal 4.22 and the latest Wwise 2019 - when profiling that setup one can see both MyRoom and MyRoom.AkComponent_0 registered game objects. MyRoom.AkComponent_0 is positioned on the room's pivot point whereas MyRoom moves around following the listener when I'm in the room and gets stuck on a portal when I'm not. MyRoom is the game object I want to post my ambiance on, however I can't seem to be able to access it from blueprint :(

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Turns out that the stock UE4 integration doesn't support this feature "out of the box". You have to have code support to enable the rooms to be always registered, and you also need to either customise the Post Event function to work correctly with the rooms, or you need to expose the room game object ID and pass it in manually.

Apparently the upcoming UE4 integration for Wwise 2019.2 will finally support this feature. It’s amazing to me that it was not in the stock integration, when it is there in the Unity one!
answered Feb 3, 2020 by Simon G. (990 points)