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Bug: WAAPI object query with id array gives me a plain None if all but one are valid ids.

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Surprise again! The following code looks for a bunch of object by ids, and only one of them is bad.

I expect to get a bunch of valid results and only one None, but all I got is a None instead. 

The code:

    # Connecting to Waapi using default URL
    with WaapiClient() as client:
        ids = ["{34E29C56-2840-4BF2-B24B-8133922A37EE}", "{F9142786-33D8-467A-9CFF-42B2AE23EBA7}", "fake"]
        object_get_args = {
            "from": {
                "id": ids
            "options": {
                "return": ["id", "name", "type"]
        result ="ak.wwise.core.object.get", object_get_args)
except CannotConnectToWaapiException:
    print("Could not connect to Waapi: Is Wwise running and Wwise Authoring API enabled?")

gives me a None.

If I remove "fake", then it works.





asked May 6 in General Discussion by Saul G. (110 points)

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