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Issues Importing SoundBank UE4

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UE4: 4.20.3

Wwise: 2018.1.7.6880

I am currently running into some issues importing sound banks from a Wwise project into UE4. I have followed the directions of using the Wwise picker to create a new event, and then double clicking on it to affiliate it with a soundbank; however, my sound banks do not appear to be integrated into UE4 via the integrate feature in the Wwise launcher. I have scoured over my UE4 project folder, and none of the sound banks seem to have made it into the directory. I even tried manually copying the sound banks over to the UE4 content folder via UE4's project settings to no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
asked May 9 in General Discussion by Peter K. (100 points)

1 Answer

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我也遇到了这样的问题。目前我的解决方法是自己新建bank 但是需要和WWISE 里面的名字一直。目前这里面除了event 不需要新建,可以直接托进去以外。Banks和AuxBus和VirtualAcoustics都需要自己去新建。这个和我以前用FMOD完全不一样。不知道为什么官方要这样设置的不方便。不好意思我英文不好只能发中文给你。你再翻译一下吧。
answered May 13 by 新兴 (180 points)
I'll try and give this a shot. Still strange that this is happening.