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WAAPI and concurrency

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I tried to use multiprocessing to handle large number of queries on local Wwise project. 

My code snippets below try to open 4 processes to query Wwise project concurrently:

import multiprocessing

taskname = 'asking wwise for soundbanks'
nprocs = 4
bnks = multiprocessing.Manager().dict()
bnks['bnks'] = []
ranges = organize_concurrency(ntasks, nprocs)
jobs = [multiprocessing.Process(target=worker, args=(bnks, tasks[rg[0]:rg[1]])) for rg in ranges]
for job in jobs:
for j in jobs:

The worker function does pretty straightforward ak.wwise.core.object.get queries so I'll skip it.

While some queries are OK, lots of others throw errors like:

ERROR:WaapiClientAutobahn:WaapiClientAutobahn (ERROR): ('ApplicationError(error=<ak.wwise.query.unknown_object>, args=[], '
 "kwargs={'message': 'from id object is unknown', 'details': {'procedureUri': "
 "'ak.wwise.core.object.get'}}, enc_algo=None, callee=None, "
 'callee_authid=None, callee_authrole=None, forward_for=None)')

And the results of those queries are all null, although the objects are all present in the target project.


Does WAAPI support this kind of usage?


asked May 29, 2019 in General Discussion by Saul G. (220 points)
reopened May 30, 2019 by Saul G.

1 Answer

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Found the problem myself:


I made a mistake by including the GUID of init.bnk. That is obviously not part of the project hierarchy.

But it would be nice if WAAPI can spot that and simply returns init.bnk to me.

Case closed.
answered May 30, 2019 by Saul G. (220 points)