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Bug: Wwise Unity Integreation: Feature Auto Adding of AkListener to MainCamera is awalys true (gets ReEnabled always)

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The Unity Integration for Wwise has an Bug in the Wwise Settings System. Per Default the Unity Integreation adds to all MainCameras an AkListener. Which can in theory disabled in Unity ->Edit -> Wwie Settings -> Automatically add Listener to Main Camera.

But this doesn't has any affect. If you disable the check box and click ok. Then hit Play. The Checkbox gets ReEnabled and all Cameras get an Listener.

I am using: Wwise 2019.1.1 and Unity 2018.3.12f1
I hope the Wwise Dev Team can fix this.

This very problematic as for my case in VR two Cameras are existing with the Tag MainCamera. So i got always Two Listener and the Spatial Audio Implementation only allows one Listener in the Scene.
asked Jun 8, 2019 in General Discussion by David S. (100 points)

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