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Do the latest Wwise version supports PS4 SDK 6.5?

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After updating our Unity project to the latest version of Wwise (2019.1.1.6977), I've been receiving the following error messages in our PS4 Devkit (SDK 6.5) indicating what we think is a required update to SDK 6.5.

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: PS4 SELF file, SDK version = 06.008. 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : crtbeginS 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : crtendS 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : crti 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : crtn 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : libSceAjm_stub_weak 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : libSceAudioOut_stub_weak 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : libSceFios2_stub_weak 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : libScePosix_stub_weak 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : libc_stub_weak 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: 06.008.001 : libkernel_stub_weak 

[Debug] AkSoundEngine.prx: SDK version (module_param) = 06.008.001. [Error] Format of the SELF file is not valid. (AkSoundEngine.prx, SDK version must be 06.50x)


Now, we're wondering if there are other ways for us to get the required update or if my version of Wwise doesnt support the mentioned PlayStation SDK at all. We have successfully updated Wwise in the past following the instructions pasted here so rest assured that the installation process was done correctly. Also kindly let us know should we have done the installation another way. Thanks!

asked Jul 5, 2019 in General Discussion by Jopet A. (160 points)
We have the same issue here. It looks like even the latest Wwise 2019.x doesn't support 6.50 yet, so we're not going to bother updating just yet.
I'm having the same issue - just updated to the latest version off wwise - 2019.1.2.7018.1481 and my error log looks the same as this.

Can we please get an idea of when to expect this to be fixed? Sony is only accepting submissions with the 6.5 SDK so now Wwise is preventing us from releasing our game.

1 Answer

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If you have ps4 plugin source code, then recompile on PS4 SDK 6.5x env.


참고: Plug-in Developers This version of Wwise supports plug-ins built with Wwise 2018.1. For plug-ins built with older versions of Wwise, their developers must recompile and repackage them with a compatible version.
answered Aug 7, 2019 by JJstudio (220 points)