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Wwise 2019.1.3 / Unreal 4.22 Stadia support

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When I install Wwise, I see include files for Stadia in the ThirdParty/GGP directory, which seems to make Stadia a supported platform.

Though, when I download the Wwise 2019.1.3 integration for Unreal 4.22, it seems that there is no mention of Stadia / Quail in the plugin at all.

Is Stadia supported for Unreal? Did I miss something?
asked Sep 4 in General Discussion by Julien D. (100 points)

1 Answer

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when you download a new version of wwise you must a) be logged into an account that is registered on a project that uses any platform SDKs you need b) specify that you want to download those platform SDKs with this version of wwise - double check the folders in the install of the Wwise SDK on your C drive / run the installer again.
answered Sep 7 by Dan M. (1,940 points)