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Order of operations appears to matter when adding an AnimNotify_AkEvent

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Order of operations appears to matter when using the AnimNotify_AkEvent. If we do it out of order we get the following warnings in our game from the AnimNotify_AkEvent blueprint:

    WARNING: AkComponent has been created in the notify. It will be using default values for all properties.
    WARNING: Should you wish to use different values, please attach an AkComponent to the [Blueprint Name]

Many of the bugs related to this warning in our project appear to be resolved by just deleting and readding the AnimNotify_AkEvent to an animation.

Does anyone know why this would be the case? We have started making sure that we use the following order when adding an AK Event to an animation.


  1. Create sockets on skeletal mesh
  2. Create AKComponents on Blueprint that point to created mesh sockets
  3. Add AnimNotify_AkEvent on Animation Timeline
  4. Point notify to sockets.
We are using Wwise version: 2019.1.2.7018 and Unreal Engine for this project. If anything that we are doing looks fishy, or if there is a code change I could add to fix this, that would be super helpful!
asked Sep 10 in General Discussion by Megan S. (190 points)

1 Answer

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I've realized that this is due to another middleware we use (SpatialOS). Our audio designers need to generate snapshot any time they add a new AKComponent.
answered Nov 4 by Megan S. (190 points)