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Get RTPC and State Groups with WAAPI?

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Is it possible to get the RTPC value of an object with WAAPI?

How about getting the States of an object (State Groups under the States properties)?

I'm using version 2018.

asked Sep 17 in Feature Requests by Michelle A. (190 points)
edited Sep 19 by Michelle A.
Do you mean, obtaining the RTPC curves, or current Game Parameter values, for a specific game object?

1 Answer

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It is not currently possible to obtain the RTPC curves assigned to the properties of a Wwise object. This is in our roadmap with WG-38235.
answered Sep 20 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (27,400 points)
Could there be a workaround to get the RTPC point values on a curve and/or set them?  Can any information about an RTPC be retrieved?
The only workaround I can propose is to read the work unit file directly. You should be able to find your way in the XML format.