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How to add Second Output Device in Unreal Engine 4

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Hi, have been looking around for a way to have different events play through different Output Devices (Speakers, and headphones for example) in Unreal Engine 4.

I can do this in the Wwise editor by going to Audio->Audio Preferences and then choose what bus will play on what output device.

This obviously only works in Wwise and not in UE4.

I have found this: https://www.audiokinetic.com/library/2017.1.9_6501/?source=SDK&id=namespace_a_k_1_1_sound_engine_a247218018cc62d203b9d36a55c5647af.html

However, this is for an older version and is not supported anymore it seems like?

There is also this: https://www.audiokinetic.com/library/edge/?source=SDK&id=namespace_a_k_1_1_sound_engine_a0ebeb52530b9871d9b66b5fa3bce192f.html

It seems like using this function allows you to tie Listeners to specific output devices. By default all Listeners route to the default output device. So I'm assuming it is a matter of creating at least two listeners, Calling this function, and append one of the listeners and hope for the best.

For future reference, I will keep this thread updated and add information when I make progress.

Any help would be appreciated!
asked Sep 18 in General Discussion by Linus L. (110 points)
edited Sep 18 by Linus L.

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