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Crash in Unreal integration in FWwiseEventTracker::RemovePlayingID

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Hey everyone,

we're experiencing frequent crashes in FWwiseEventTracker::RemovePlayingID. These crashes mostly seem to occur when changing worlds. Here's the full callstack:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FF7177B2C46 (AYearOfRain.exe) in UE4Minidump.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x000001EE55550000.

  •   AYearOfRain.exe!FWwiseEventTracker::RemovePlayingID(unsigned long InID) Line 60 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!FWwiseEventTracker::PostEventCallbackHandler(AkCallbackType in_eType, AkCallbackInfo * in_pCallbackInfo) Line 17 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!CAkPlayingMgr::CheckRemovePlayingID(unsigned long in_PlayingID, CAkPlayingMgr::PlayingMgrItem * in_pItem) Line 196 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!CAkPlayingMgr::Remove(unsigned long in_PlayingID, CAkTransportAware * in_pPBI) Line 596 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!CAkPBI::Term(bool __formal) Line 213 C++
  •   [Inline Frame] AYearOfRain.exe!CAkURenderer::DestroyPBI(CAkPBI * in_pPBI) Line 914 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!CAkURenderer::PerformContextNotif() Line 898 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!CAkAudioMgr::Perform() Line 540 C++
  •   AYearOfRain.exe!CAkAudioThread::EventMgrThreadFunc(void * lpParameter) Line 74 C++

Any idea how to avoid this?

Best regards,


asked Nov 3, 2019 in General Discussion by Nick P. (100 points)
Bump. Any ideas?
I am facing the exactly same problem and currently no good solution for this. I really hope it is a bug of wwise though.
Did you find a solution to this?

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