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Trying to install Wwise Adventure Game

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I'm trying to install the Wwise Adventure Game but the Install New Version is stuck on "Retrieving list from server..." My internet connection is good. I am able to open Samples -> Wwise, and those show me "Cube", "Integration Demo", "Integration Demo Motion", and "SoundFrame Test Application," but Wwise Adventure Game, and also Wwise Audio Lab leaves it at "Retrieving list from server..."
asked Nov 5, 2019 in General Discussion by Fabian F. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I had this same problem earlier today on Mac, checked my Log, couldn't find any error messages. Then I tried to reinstall Wwise Launcher over my old installation(without uninstalling anything first; just went to and clicked on "Download Wwise Launcher", and once it downloaded, tried to reinstall the launcher). The installer failed, but when I reopened launcher after that to try one more time, everything started appearing just fine again. You could try that, if that doesn't work, from within your Wwise Launcher, click on the "?" menu, select "About Wwise Launcher..." then within the page that opens, click the "Open Log" button, and if you see any error messages there which you can't understand, post them here, perhaps someone can help further. Hope it helps
answered Dec 8, 2019 by Raja R. (170 points)