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Wwise 101 - Wwise set to Stereo Configuration, but Cube only plays shotgun sound in left channel after lesson 1.

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Any idea what could be causing the issue? When Wwise was set to default speaker configuration the shotgun only played in the left channel. Switching the config solved this in Wwise, but when I launched cube to check my work the shotgun still only fires in my left speaker. Any help would be really appreciated, I am brand new to Wwise. Thank you

Edit: Basically Mono files are only playing out of the left channel when I launch Cube, and remote connect in Wwise is showing 7.1 metering with only the left channel getting signal (for mono files)
asked Feb 19, 2020 in General Discussion by John G. (170 points)
edited Feb 19, 2020 by John G.
I too am going through this. It’s very frustrating. I’ve been a freelance audio engineer for eleven years now. I checked three different outputs because I thought I had a bad cable or a speaker blew. Everything from pro tools and iTunes comes out full stereo. Even though it’s mono it seems like it’s a stereo track but playing only on one side. If it’s stereo then I need to bring it in pro tools to split into mono and leave the panning up the middle. I wish this course was a little more specific and  had a chat function between the students and instructor who wrote the course outline. What’s very annoying is that there is no one to contact if we have any questions.
Did you find a solution to why this problem occurs? I am in the middle of Lesson 1, and I'm only getting sound out of my left speaker.
Same problem here, but not with Cube. I'm working on an original game project using UE4 and Wwise. I've found several posts like this, yet can't find any answer on why it's happening or how to fix it. I submitted a ticket with AK support, and a day later, I'm still having problems and waiting for help. :(
Hi everyone,
I'm facing the same issue. Everything is panned to the left after Lesson2 but they still sound normal when I play Cube.
Is there anyone solved this?

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Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, it's not something I've been able to reproduce. Could you let me know what your setup looks like? (operating system, soundcard, output settings, etc)
As soon as I'm able to reproduce the problem, I can create a ticket for it and we can get it fixed, so please share any details that might make it easier for us to replicate it. Images help too. Until then, I'd suggest trying it out on a different computer, soundcard, or output settings.
answered May 17, 2022 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (39,400 points)
Hello Mads,

I am currently taking the lesson 2 in the Wwise page and I'm also having this issue.

The only SFX object that sounds like it's pan in the center is IceGem_Blast

All the other SFX object in these lesson only reproduce in my left speaker.  That includes the Gem_Recharge_Magic  and     Gem_Recharge_Woosh
Also all the Gem Breaking sounds.

However, when I  opened the Sound Editor of the IceGem_Blast;    next to Channel Configuration Override:    says   Detect [2.0 (L,R)]

That is the only sound that plays in stereo.

Meanwhile in all the others; if I open the Sound Editor,  next to  Channel Configuration Override:    says   Detect [1.0 (C)]

May that have anything related to the issue ?
I have some screenshots. How can I attach the screen shots in this comment ?

I am using:

MacBook Pro  Retina, 15 inch, Mid 2015
2.2Ghz Intel Core i7 //   16 Gb  RAM     //   250 Gb storage

Thank you very much for your reply and help
Hello Eduardo. Thanks for all the information.

How about the Meter view in your project, does it only show a volume bar for the left channel? If the meter is always showing both channels playing, the issue is probably outside of Wwise.

If it's still a problem in Wwise, I would personally inspect the positioning settings of your audio objects. However, in your case, it's probably way easier to just redownload the project to ensure the positioning settings are reset. You won't need to start all from course scratch, cause the Wwise projects are segmented per lesson.

To attach an image you'll need to upload the image to e.g. and put the link in here.
I'm also noticing this issue as well.

I have finished all the lessons and completed the project. I wanted to Screen capture the project with blackhole  as my computer's audio output and then run that into OBS.

When I change WWISE's Audio Device to blackhole it changes all of my mono files and only plays them out of the left channel. I checked my stereo tracks and noticed that they play same--no change (true stereo).

For example, when I have the shotgun shells (a mono file) drop on the character's right side and my audio device is set to "Headphones"/Default; WWise is able to recognize the shotgun shells should be to the right.

However, when I change Audio Device to Blackhole--it manipulates the mono file and plays it on it's left.  ((I'm assuming because that's "considered channel 1??"

I have checked other stereo and mono source files and they are consistent. Stereo files stay true to their source file information and mono files continue to play only on left--even after checking positioning.

I've tested Blackhole and OBS with other programs--Logic, YT--and they work fine.

I'm running Big Sur 11.4 and WWISE 2019.2.14.7676
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Old thread but if someone has the same issue. Changing the setting under the Audio tab from "Use Audio Device Share Set"  to "2.0..." fixes the problem.
answered Jun 17, 2022 by johan e. (510 points)
selected Nov 10, 2022 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
Great. It worked for me thanks Johan

The SFX objects now can be heard on both L-R speakers.

Although, when I open up the Sound Editor, the only SFX object that says next to Channel Configuration Override:    Detect [2.0 (L,R)]
is the IceGem_Blast.

All the other SFX sound objects display  Detect [1.0 (C)]

But still,  with your suggestion of Audio tab - Main Mix Channel Configuration - 2.0 Speaker Panning;  at least the lesson can still be completed.

I still have to test it the cube; if it still left panned.
But at least, in Wwise it can be heard on both L-R speakers.