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Why im not listening the audio files that i import?

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Hi, I´m having this problema...

When I import audiofiles to Wwise, I can not listen them in preview. The only way i can start hearing the audiofiles is until i put them in the soundbanks and generate them…

Anyone knows why?


asked Feb 26 in General Discussion by Jorge David D. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hey David,

What color is it when imported into the Project Explorer? I’m asking because if it’s blue, it means that it’s not converted yet. If so, right click and choose Convert...

Conversion automatically happens during soundbank generation, so that may be why you are able to play the files after that.

Another note, in the Transport Control you can enable ‘Original’. This plays the original sound source instead of the converted one.

I hope that was it, else let us know :)
answered Feb 27 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (6,260 points)