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When opening Cube on Mac Catalina I get the error: “SDL2.framework” is damaged and can’t be opened

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WHen I try to open Cube on Catalina I get the error

    “SDL2.framework” is damaged and can’t be opened

Does anyone have a solution for this

I have installed the SDL2.framework as instructed
asked Mar 25 in General Discussion by Tom D. (130 points)

2 Answers

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You have to download the SDL2 from its original web page. It happened me too. It seems that the file that audiokinetic has is broken. If you check the error message it would show you were you can get it
answered 6 days ago by Marcos A. (140 points)
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Hi Tom,

I was just running into the same problem as you.

After a bit of digging, it looks like the link that's provided by Wwise isn't the most up-to-date version of the SDL framework.

If you follow this link: and download the 'Runtime Binaries: Mac OS X: SDL2-2.0.12.dmg'.

Then just follow the same installation instructions as stated on the Wwise Cube Integration page and it should work!

Hope this helps! :)

answered 5 days ago by Beth (180 points)