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How do I get a main theme playing (Unity)

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Hey guys, bear with me, total n00b here.

So i've got just a very basic Main Menu scenario going on. Nothing fancy, just want to set up a looping Main Theme that plays while you're at the Main Menu.

I've created a wwise project to go with a unity project. I've intergrated wwise and done a connect and capture log, but very little comes through into Wwise.  I've also made a Music event that plays the title track, but, the build doesn't send any game calls out when i start it, so I have no idea how to proceed.

I've also generated a soundbank called music with the event, but Unity doesn't seem to register it. In the AKBank object in Unity, I can't find any banks.

Any help is really well appreciated, hope my question is clear enough. as i said, total n00b
asked May 6 in General Discussion by Zakarías G. (100 points)

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