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WAAPI & Wwise 2017.2.10 : is it possible?

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Can WAAPI's current version run with Wwise 2017.2.10?
I made sure to enable WAAPI in the user settings with a valid allowed origin but, each time I try a simple WAAPI script (in Python 3.6+) my console freezes.
If I open the same project with Wwise latest version it works.

Thank you,

asked May 13, 2020 in General Discussion by Julien R. (130 points)
retagged May 14, 2020 by Julien R.

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yes, it should. 

First make sure you have the following user preferences:

Enable WAAPI: True
Allowed Origins: #unknown,#file
WAMP Port: 8080
HTTP Port: 8090

For instance, this python script should run with the latest waapi python client and Wwise 2017.2.10:

from waapi import WaapiClient
import pprint

# Connect (default URL)
client = WaapiClient()

# Return all targets
args = {
    "from": {"path": ['\\Actor-Mixer Hierarchy']},
    "transform": [
        {"select": ['children']}

options = {
    "return": ['name']
result ="ak.wwise.core.object.get", args, options=options)
answered May 14, 2020 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (30,640 points)
edited May 25, 2020 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)
Thank you for your answer.

Yet the script still hangs when it reaches client = WaapiClient().
It works fine with wwise 2018.1.6 and wwise 2019.1.6.

Sadly I have to stick to 2017.2.10 for now.
Can you verify you have the following preferences:

Allowed Origins: #unknown,#file
WAMP Port: 8080
HTTP Port: 8090
My allowed origin was incorrect : I had,::1.
It works now.

Thank you very much for your help!