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Wwise Crashes when reassigning Buses

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This will almost certainly need to be reported, but its worth asking here first

I created the 3 master Buses under Master that will be used for the options menu sliders

These directly rout to the Main Master bus and each has an rtpc to map to the slider values. This is fairly standard practise and should work fine.
The issue is when I now try to assign any of the buses in the project into these master buses. For context this project was started by someone else and so I have inherited a well established and complex Wwise project
However every single time without fail that I either drag and drop an existing bus into one of these master buses, or cut and paste an existing bus Wwise crashes to desktop.
This is core functionality of the application failing

For a complex project the difference between drag and drop of existing buses and having to completely rebuilding all the routing is the difference between a few minutes and likely a few days

This cannot be the first time someone has encountered this issue

I cannot find other forum posts on this specifically

if anyone has any suggestions that would be helpful, but this seems to be central to how wwise allows its information to be arranged.
asked May 31, 2020 in General Discussion by Stephan S. (100 points)

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