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Google Resonance: Ambisonic sound doesn't rotate properly - sounds like headlocked stereo in game

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I'm trying to get google resonance working through Wwise with Unity. I have an ambisonic file that is routed through the resonance plugin, but while listening in Unity, there's no rotation when the camera turns. It just sounds like a regular 2D sound. Wondering what I could be missing here


edit: I should also add that Wwise seems to be handling Ambisonic files strangely as well; I'm using an AmbiX encoded ambisonic file, but if I set the channel configuration to AmbiX, it sounds wrong. The only way the file sounds correct at all is if I set it to "4 (Anonymous)"
asked Jun 16 in General Discussion by Joe M. (170 points)
edited Jun 16 by Joe M.

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