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Loading a sounbank in unity without the wwise project

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So I'm working with a small team making a game in unity and since I'm the only one using wwise, I'd like to simply generate the soundbanks and push via collab to the other developers

The problem is however, that unity can't seem to load any soundbanks without the wwise project itself, even though the soundbanks are located in streaming assets and the path is correctly set.

Is there a way for the other developers to load a soundbank within unity, without having the actual wwise project or wwise installed on their computer at all??

Best regards >Carl
asked Jun 17, 2020 in General Discussion by Carl L. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hey Carl,

Your collaborators should definitely be able to play sounds, despite not having the Wwise project downloaded.
How does your Project Settings > Wwise Editor settings look? How about your folder structure in the "Streaming Assets > Audio > GeneratedSoundBanks >" folder, how does that look?

I quickly tried to replicate your setup by...
1. Creating a new Unity project.
2. Integrated Wwise 2019.2.2.7275
3. Added a Sound + Event + SoundBank
4. Generated SoundBanks + Moved them to the Streaming Assets > Audio > GeneratedSoundBanks > (respective platform folder)
4. Created a script loading the SoundBank in Awake() and posting the Event in Start().
5. Completely removed the Wwise project
...and this works fine. How does this compare to your setup?

Let me know if this helps!
answered Jun 17, 2020 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (12,620 points)