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Duplicate classes defined in 2019.1.9 (UE 4.25 integration)

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While upgrading to Unreal 4.25 using 2019.1.9, while compiling the Unreal Editor we encountered errors about duplicate classes being defined for all the platform info classes.

E.g. Plugins/Wwise/Source/AudiokineticTools/Classes/Platforms/AkPlatformInfo.h and Plugins/Wwise/Source/AkAudio/Classes/Platforms/AkPlatformInfo.h both define UAkPlatformInfo

Since both the AkAudio and AudioKinetic tools are compiled with the Editor build target, this causes a build error. We can get around this by deleting the older copies in AudiokineticTools, but I'm wondering what the recommended approach is here?
asked Jul 6 in General Discussion by Jacques Lebrun (110 points)

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