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unity安卓闪退,/lib/arm/ [armeabi-v7a]

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Wwise 2019.2.3.7304
Android 10,level 29

1 #00 pc 00127e26 /data/app/com.jiguang.amld-YkWuTJ7Oy2-aH2y4KECiRw==/lib/arm/ [armeabi-v7a]
2 #01 pc 0001521d /system/lib/ (aaudio::AudioStreamLegacy::onAudioDeviceUpdate(int)+140) [armeabi-v7a]
3 java:

1 #00 pc 00127e26 /data/app/com.jiguang.amld-YkWuTJ7Oy2-aH2y4KECiRw==/lib/arm/ [armeabi-v7a::4c54ce4f7d43a51014316b57b9d5035f]
2 #01 pc 0001521d /system/lib/ (_ZN6aaudio17AudioStreamLegacy19onAudioDeviceUpdateEi+140) [armeabi-v7a::c89ad9194d50c904af0524fcc48b58ff]
3 java:
asked Jul 9 in General Discussion by Jasion Y. (100 points)

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