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"Sound could not find a path to an output device, will use virtual voice setting" stops audio working in Unity Editor

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Hi there

We are building a project that makes use of Unity timeline and we are running into an issue after playing the game in editor and then trying to play the timeline.

Essentially the audio will all work fine when we play back the timeline in a scene up to the point we play the game in editor. The audio will continue to work fine in play mode however it does not when we return to non-play mode and start trying to playback from the timelines again. The integration itself shows no errors but when connecting the wwise profiler we see "Sound could not find a path to an output device, will use virtual voice setting.". We are Initialising in a slightly different way to the AKInitializer (but still before pretty much everything else) and we are not using any VR plugins that have been mentioned in previous questions.

We are using WWise 2019.2.0.7216 and integration 2019.2.0.7216.1681

If anyone has any ideas what could be going on then that would be great!

asked Jul 14, 2020 in General Discussion by Lindsay C. (100 points)

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