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Unreal Wwise Integration plays duplicated sound in all PIE.

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In unreal engine 4, when i test my game in 2 or more PIE, every single camera gets sound of other pie's sound events.

So, if I test with 2 PIE, every sound's volume is doubled (TwT).

If I test with 4 Pie, its' quadrupled!!!!!!

How can I handle this issue?
asked Jul 14 in General Discussion by 태한 (150 points)

1 Answer

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Remove connection to other PIE's listner -

Default Listner is automatically bind to all PIE's camera, so you have to remove it and make new one.

Mute volume on lost focus -

override  UGameViewportClient::ReceivedFocus and
SetOutputBusVolume(0.f) for all AkComponent which set as listner.
answered Aug 7 by 태한 (150 points)