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Event-based packaging causing "media was not loaded for this source" error

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We switched our quite-large project to use event-based packaging. Unfortunately, it seems as if our media assets aren't always getting loaded. (We get many "Media was not loaded for this source" errors.) (That said, it sounds like the audio is playing, it's just complaining.)

The documentation says that referencing the event in a level will guarantee it's loaded. However, a lot of our audio events are properties of blueprints which may not be in a level at load time. They are on actors which are dynamically placed in world, or are part of data structures (for example, a table which maps audio events to special game events). Do we need to do something special to make sure that the media is loaded for the events that are not literally connected to a level?

We continue to investigate, but wondered if our usage model might by causing problems.
asked Jul 30, 2020 in General Discussion by Shannon P. (210 points)

2 Answers

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Curious if there was a resolution to this one.
answered Aug 19, 2020 by Bart K. (140 points)
We resolved this, but maybe not in a way that will be repeatable for you.

Firstly, we used the commandlet to do the migration. Which did do a lot of work, but it seemed incomplete. We ended up with old and new assets around for some reason and had to do a bunch of cleanup by hand.

But a larger problem was that we had already put stuff into soundbanks (before event-based packagin existed). We didn't remove those soundbanks before doing the migrate, so they also got migrated. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the event based packaging. So, we unbanked everything. This is painful because every AkEvent asset has its bank stored in it, so one needs to modify all the events. (We used the matrix editor to do this. It's not hard, but there are a lot of files to check out/in for a large project like ours.) This seemed to fix a lot of the loading issues, but we still sometimes had sounds fail to play.

To "fix" that, basically, we cleared the sound cache and forced asset syncing several times and in various orders and combinations. Eventually, it seemed to work.

Sorry that we never found the main culprit. I think it was a combination of the soundbanks existing ahead of time, and the commandlet not working 100%.
We had this error a great deal with our VO.  In our case it turned out to be because the InitBank->DefaultLanguage was blank.  I changed FAkAudioDevice::GetDefaultLanguage() to this:

FString FAkAudioDevice::GetDefaultLanguage() const
    if (InitBank && !InitBank->DefaultLanguage.IsEmpty())
        return InitBank->DefaultLanguage;

    return TEXT("English(US)");
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I have resolved this error by performing Clear Sound Data -> Force Asset Synchronization (more than once) -> Generate Sound Data.

Need to check Clear data in Assets and Clear orphaned Unreal Wwise Media Assets.

You can have a try. :-)
answered Mar 30 by MR H. (270 points)